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The Deal w/ Email Authentication (spf, dkim, dmarc)

This email authentication stuff is real and we’ve really gotta get it done if we want to use email as a marketing tool in 2024 and beyond. I’m talking SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. But don’t panic, darling. This is just some techy stuff that’s we’re gonna put in place to verify that we are legit

What You Really Need to Know About Segmenting Emails

I’m just going to be real off the jump here, I don’t recommend segmenting emails for 90% of my audience. Gasp. Yes, I know. There are a ton of email marketing gurus out there that preach email segmentation. And you know, segmentation does work. It is a great way to increase sales. But if you

 Not Your Typical List Of Best Practices Of Email Marketing [2023]

If you’re new here, just know I’m not about to make you scroll down a list of mainstream email marketing best practices with a bunch of words that make you feel inadequate. Sure, in the world of email marketing there are certain best practices that everyone follows. To be honest? Some I love and some

Optins, Freebies and Lead Magnets, OH MY!

Lead magnets for your business…Done wrong? A nightmare of trying to sell to people that will never buy. Done right? Your email opt-in will build you a successful email list, full of subscribers that open, click, and buy. #dreamy But how to create a lead magnet that’s dreamy over disastrous? Here’s a fun story to

Email Marketing Tools for Beginners

Picking an email service for marketing sucks! There are so many providers with too many options. It’s hard to know which email marketing tools are for when “I make it big” and which to use right away as a beginner.  So here’s what I’m gonna do in this article, my friend: 1– Help you determine

The Fantastic Truth About The Customer Journey

Customer journeys can feel scary, my friend. Throw in something like email marketing and it can appear downright terrifying. I get it. But I’m Liz Wilcox. And I say to hell with that. Why do anything if it isn’t fun? In fact, the fantastic truth about the email marketing customer journey is that each subscriber

5 Important Parts Of An Email To Optimize

Listen! It’s not like we start off our email marketing journey knowing all the moving parts. Sure, we’ve written + received emails, but that doesn’t mean we know how to market with email. And once we do start trying? It’s very clear we don’t know what we’re doing and that are lots of “parts” we

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