Your email woes just disappeared.

Here’s where I make sure you never get anxiety over email marketing again.

Email Marketing Membership

Hate writing newsletters? Let me do it for you.

Seriously! And for a ridiculous price, too. Whether you’re a blogger, handmaker, or service provider…you’ll be able to use the weekly template and swipe copy as your own.

You also get access to dozens of already-written for you emails to help you launch a product, conduct a flash sale, get people to reply, click, and finally fill out a dang survey for ya!

“I’ve been exposed to a LOT of email marketing over the years, but your approach makes it accessible and simple. As a result of my last email, I was commissioned for a few pieces of art. $2500 worth. Thanks for keeping it simple and fun.”

—Mike, Artist

ONLY $9/month

Workshops that won't break the bank.

'cause gatekeeping something as important as email is gross

just presell it product

Just Presell It

The biggest mistake I see bloggers and other content creators make? Spending so much time creating a product that they don’t have enough energy to sell it. And honestly that’s just ridiculous.

Stop creating A+ products (like I know you do) and start seeing if anyone will buy it first. Here’s my exact outline I use to presell an idea BEFORE I create it.

It costs $49 and if you don’t make at least that much when you implement…well I’ll give you back the difference. Badda bing. Badda boom.

“Using these templates and I’ve almost met my goal for my tutor mastermind! 🎉🎉🎉
—Adelle, teacherpreneur

ONLY $49
computer mockup showing 20 min newsletter product

20 Minute Newsletters

Steal the outline I use for every single weekly newsletter I write and start writing your emails in 20 Minutes or less. Guaranteed.

“This is giving me back my sanity!”
—Kandace, Virtual Assistant

ONLY $22
summit email success product mockup

Summit Email Success

If you’re hosting a summit, you need emails. 

Take this 60 minute training to learn how to make sure your summit is profitable and people actually buy your All Access Pass.

You’ll also get all the swipe copy for every email you need because writing from scratch sucks. Seriously. The emails alone are worth a ton.

“Setting up the emails for my summit is making me a little crazy. But I’m so glad I don’t have to write them from scratch now.”
— Ashley, online tutor

ONLY $149
computer mockup showing sales page training and template

Sales Page Training (w/ template)

Writing a sales page from scratch sucks. 

In this 90-minute training, you’ll learn the 3 types of sales pages and when to use them. We cover copywriting, incorporating videos and images, the how/what/why of each section of your page, and even share some A+ examples.

And if that’s not enough? You get a sales page template that actually makes sense and will save you time. 

“Wasn’t that training the best?! I’m sales page crazy now!”
—Mischelle, Instagram Coach

ONLY $150
list building training product mockup

List Building: 12+ ideas that aren't ads

Spend an hour (and twelve bucks) to learn how to finally start building your list with people that will buy from you. 

With an ad spend of ZERO. 

“We were skeptical about what you had to offer. But we listened to your presentation and as you talked… we both loved your enthusiasm, knowledge, and real-life experience you brought to your presentation.”
— Robert, blogger

ONLY $12
computer mockup showing the email staircase training

The Email Staircase Training

Consider this your Email Theory 101 crash course. Learn the foundations of email and how to write a welcome sequence that turns freebie-suckers into people interested in your personality, that know your vision for working together, and share the same values.

If you know little to nothing about email, THIS is what I want you to buy and watch.

“I learned a great deal in this training and I can’t wait to start writing emails. ”
—Shirley, book coach

ONLY $12
computer mockup showing the open sesame training and templates

Open Sesame

Sure, writing a great email is well…great. But if no one is opening your emails, it doesn’t matter what’s inside. 

Get my signature workshop on how to get your email list healthy, your open rate UP UP UP, and your subscribers excited to buy, buy, buy from you.

“I was really overthinking email marketing. I get it now!”
—Serena, Bookkeeper

ONLY $49

Black Friday Training + Email Templates

Not sure what to sell for Black Friday? Or even how to sell it? 

Let me walk you through how to craft your offer and give you a detailed description (with template!) of each email you need to send leading up to and during Black Friday. 

“You just made this easy. I was really freaking out about what to offer and everything that would go into the sale. Now I feel like I can just make my stuff and it will sell itself with the emails we wrote today. Wow. You really are email magic, Liz.”
— Jim, ecommerce

ONLY $100
computer mockup showing the building community with email marketing training

Building Community w/ Email

We’ve all heard why social media is great for building community. But here’s how email can do it even better. 

In this 90 minute workshop, you’ll learn the simplest way to finally understand how email works, why it’s the best place to start for community, and how to turn 1:many into 1:1…aka create a community of buyers!

“I want to say a massive THANK YOU! I’m getting to grips with my email, but have been finding the whole thing overwhelming. This class was exactly what I needed. Perfect length and just enough info to get going.”
— Caitlin, virtual assistant

ONLY $12

Email Metrics

Discover the truth behind that pesky little Apple IOS update. Then learn the larger picture of email metrics and which to focus on for success of YOUR business.

I’m going to be honest, metrics intimidate me but after watching this, I was able to walk away with not only a ton of great information but confidence!

—Sean, Software Engineer

ONLY $49

Welcome Sequence Workshop

Ready to finally get your welcome sequence right so you know your open, click, and sales conversion rate will go up?

In this two-hour training, I’ll walk you through how to write the best welcome sequence to drive higher conversation rates while connecting with your folks.

“Thanks for this workshop. This is exactly what I needed – someone to walk me through step by step & tell me *what* to say. Theory’s great, but give me the damn words! Thank you!

—Kathy, Attorney

ONLY $49

Launch Course

Finally, a way to launch that doesn’t feel like a roller coaster ride built by Lucifer himself.

Complete with email templates, tutorials, and activities that help you hone in on how to best explain your product to your ideal customers and let go of other intense, coercive strategies that might keep you clinging to any and every buyer.

“Used it over the weekend and made almost $1000″
— Maria, Spiritual Business Coach


Get my free welcome sequence templates.