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EMM template for September 18th, 2023 titled Seasons Change

Seasons Change

**SEP 25** As the seasons change, share a bit of what’s to come for you + invite them to think about the next season of their lives, too.

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EMM template for September 11th, 2023 titled 3+3=$

3 + 3 = $

**SEP 11** Share a bit of yourself without telling a story, put your offers (or offer to help) in front of your peeps.

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EMM template for August 21st, 2023 titled What it Takes

What It Takes

**AUG 20** Establish authority by showing you know who you’re talking to and what it takes to be successful in your niche.

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EMM template for August 7th, 2023 titled Save Them Money

Save Them Money

**AUG 07** No matter your industry, people love to save money. Use this email to help people save and see you as someone who can help them big time.

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EMM template for July 24th, 2023 titled Try Something New

Try Something New

**JUL 24** Tell your audience that you’re going to try something new. This always gets people engaged and interested in what’s coming…who doesn’t like new stuff?

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EMM template for July 17th, 2023 titled My Secret Sauce

My Secret Sauce

**JUL 17** Distinguish yourself from “competitors” by sharing something unique or different about you/the way you run your business.

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EMM template for July 10th, 2023 titled Comic Relief

Comic Relief

**JUL 10** No matter your niche, your reader has enough stress in their life. Let’s give them some comic relief and share something funny today. Related or not related to your industry.

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EMM template for July 3rd, 2023 titled Fave Things Sale

Fave Things Sale

**JUL 03** Let’s make some money today. Share a few links to some paid products. Yours, affiliate links, or just things you love. The point is to just show you offer paid solutions via your emails.

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