I make writing emails easy.

Yep. Even for you.

Press play and I will.

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever paid for a month of email but never sent out a damn one.

Don’t fret, babe. You aren’t the first and you ain’t gonna be the last.

But I do want you to knock that crap off.

Email marketing is lucrative as hell and you need to get in on some of this action.

And we’re going to get you a piece of this pie together.

All without some crazyass funnel I charge you 10 Gs for or that dusty old advice about telling more stories to “connect.”

Cross my heart.

“After turning on my new emails, I started seeing sales in the first week! Sales continue to come in through my email list. Thank you Liz!”

—Kelsey Henry

“2LEGIT2QUIT! Damn, you write the best emails I’ve ever read. I actually read them!”

—Raquel Devillé

Got an email problem?


Need a quick subject line?

I got you. Just click that yellow button below and grab a few headlines for free, my friend. 

Here's your next subject idea:

Let’s check the facts.

For every dollar you spend on email marketing, you can expect to get $42 back.

Reading that first fact makes you feel some type of way.


You’re ready to see if it’s really possible.

It is. And I’m about to show you how to make this child’s play.

What I'm NOT going to teach you...

Some fancy funnel that takes a month (or more!) to build out and 3 months to realize it doesn’t work.

A welcome sequence so loaded with Amazon affiliate links you’re basically Jeff Bezos’s side piece. 

A newsletter strategy that involves endless amounts of you staring at a blank template, a Google Doc of stories you’re never going to write, and various degrees of guilt about both.

That isht is unnecessary, ineffective, and sucks way too much time and energy out of your already wild day.

What I AM going to teach you...

A 3-step framework for creating an email list of buyers. I call it the Email Staircase.
And it goes a lil somethin’ like this:




Step One: Follower

This is where new people enter your world. Do your list buildin’ thang and get their email address.

Step Two: Friend

Once you’ve got their email, set up a welcome sequence that lets them know who you are, what they can expect, and that paid products are comin’ their way. Then email them once a week so they don’t forget about your ass.

Step Three: Customer

Since your list is now full of friends, you can basically just ask them if they’re interested in whatever your product idea is.

Simple AF, right?


(aka my mic drop moment)

Before I launched my first course, I asked my email list if they would be interested in it.

141 people said yes.

3 months later when the course was built?

141 people bought.

#booyah #micdrop #youcandothistoo

Let’s get your email marketing party started.

In true Liz fashion, I want to make this as simple as possible for you.

You can just take emails I’ve already written and use them. This is called a swipe file and it’s full of emails I’ve written for you to “take and make” your own. Read through ‘em, take out my “email marketing” stuff, and put in whatever it is you talk about. 

I’m including:

  • My entire welcome sequence that I’ve used to build 3 of my own businesses (and hundreds of others)
  • 3 newsletter examples so you can see just how simple writing once a week can be
  • 52 subject lines that have all gotten me an over 40% open rate


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