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EMM template for May 23rd, 2022

May 23rd, 2022

Just a quick way to get more followers on social media. Perfect to start growing a channel or simply to just get more followers. Also great to use before a launch where you include social content and/or ads.

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EMM template for November 15th, 2021


Surprise + delight, baby. Use this email to surprise your folks who are being inundated by sales emails from other people with something free + valuable from you.

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EMM template for September 6th, 2021


Talk about changes. Use this email to share a bit of what’s to come for you and invite them to think about the next season of their lives, too.

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EMM template for July 6th, 2021

JULY 6TH, 2021

Establish some authority. Use this email to show you know who you’re talking to and what it takes to be successful in your niche.

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