Bring something fresh to [your event here].

Bring something fresh to
[your event here].

Ditch the stale motivational fluff. Give your audience a fresh strategy to take home and serve up to their customers right away.

“…a massive THANK YOU! I’m coming to grips with email, but have been finding the whole thing very overwhelming. Your talk was exactly what I needed. Perfect length, just enough information to get going with, and fun!”     -Caitlin G.

Tell me what you want.
What you really really want.

(aka: your event goals)

Attendee breakthroughs that get them to not just believe it’s possible, but that’s it’s possible for them

Liz made her first online sale living in a campground, sitting outside of a library just to get enough wifi to turn on the sales page.

She’s overcome a lot, but that’s what helped her create a simple email framework to become a multiple 6-figure earner.

If she can do it, your people can, too. And that’s what she wants to demonstrate at your event.

Fun and unforgettable experiences

Whether in-person or online, the fun begins when Liz’s talk is up.

Complete with…
• visual and sound effects
• customized GIFs
• storytelling that feels like standup
• ridiculous-but-lovable 90s branding

…your audience won’t soon forget how much fun they had learning about (above all things) email marketing. Plus, she’ll hang around the whole weekend and be your ultimate event wingman.

Equip folks with the tools they need to actually take action after the event

The more steps you give someone, the less likely they are to get it done.

That’s why Liz’s talks are boiled down to only what your attendees need to hear about email marketing, and a few key steps to making it happen.

The key objective in any of Liz’s keynotes is for the listener to finally understand email and start making real money from it.

Jam Sessions

(you might call them keynotes)

If you have an audience of online entrepreneurs, freelancers, or business owners who need to unlock the power of email marketing to uplevel their sales…

I’m Building My Audience, Now What? Using Email to Create Customers

Finally turn new leads into buyers through email without tearing your hair out or having to hire someone for 5-figures

The right folks: creative/online entrepreneurs, service providers, small businesses, ecommerce brands

By the end, your people will know:

  • why email marketing is solid and you need it in your business
  • the difference between a follower and a friend
  • the one job they have as a business owner when it comes to email 
  • the simplest way to properly warm up a new lead and stay consistent with weekly newsletters
  • how to write emails that don’t suck or suck up time
They’ll walk away with a simple framework for emailing, and the exact emails to write to refresh and monetize their list.

Open Sesame: Revealing the Magic + Mystery Behind Emails That Get Opened

Learn how to refresh your emails (and list) so people actually open them and buy into your message, brand, and offers.

The right folks: online entrepreneurs, marketers, small business owners, creative entrepreneurs, side-hustlers

By the end, your people will know:

  • the 3 jobs of every email
  • how to make emailing simple and part of your weekly routine (no, really)
  • the systems + strategies that successful email marketers use 
  • where the opportunity is in their list to finally make real money
  • how to set expectations from the beginning to weed out the wrong people and attract the right ones
They’ll walk away with a firm understanding of how simple email actually is, and the one action step to take in the next 24 hours that makes their email list strong and hit their revenue goals.

List Building: A Dozen Ideas that Don’t Involve Ads

Get found and get people on your email list no matter your personality, style, or niche…without spending a ton of money!

Ideal Audience: new to intermediate online business owners, creative entrepreneurs, influencers, authors, and ecommerce

By the end, your people will know:

  • the point of building a list and who should be on theirs
  • the right freebie for their business and their people
  • which stage of list building they’re at and how to move forward from there
They’ll walk away with a plan of action to list build and a sense of confidence to finally build a list of buyers.

Emcee and Event Host:

Liz is a top choice for complex, multi-day events, and has hosted events for audiences as large as 8,000.

She’s a pro at interviewing, great at keeping the audience not only engaged, but involved, and just like every episode of Seinfeld, knows how to bring all event themes and key concepts together for a fantastic and fun finale.

Combined with her incredible use of live streaming software, sound effects, graphics, and GIFs…your audience will be on the edge of their seats, engaged, and learning the whole time.

Available in-person or virtual!

What people have said

Official Bio

The Fresh Princess of Email Marketing, Liz Wilcox is an Email Strategist and Keynote Speaker showing small businesses how to build online relationships, package up their “magic” and turn it into emails that people want to read and, most importantly, purchase from.

In the span of 5 years, Liz grew and sold a successful blog, got bought out of her second company, and built the third into a multiple six-figure party that just won’t quit! In other words, she now teaches online entrepreneurs to simplify the whole “email marketing thing” and finally master their sales in a way that leverages their personality, vision, and values.

She’s best known for her 4000+ users membership, 20 Minute Newsletter technique, and the Email Staircase framework she’s taught to tens of thousands of creatives, freelancers, ecommerce shop owners, and small businesses across the globe. All with a unique teaching style you’re not soon to forget any time soon.

Offline, Liz lives in Florida, loves to run, and is a walking 90s pop culture encyclopedia.

Working with Liz

Here’s what to expect when booking Liz for your event:

  • Prompt response to your email and/or phone correspondence

  • Pre-event consultation to understand your needs and ensure delivery on them

  • Promotion of your event to email list + social media channels

  • Fun and professional delivery of well-researched email practices that your audience will not only understand, but get excited to try in their business

  • 2-day in-person event attendance and availability to attendees

  • Custom availability for online events to include Q+A, Facebook (or similar) group interaction

All keynotes will be customized for your unique audience and industry. Liz Wilcox can deliver the freshness either in-person or online.

Call me maybe?

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