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EMM template for August 21st, 2023 titled What it Takes

What It Takes

**AUG 20** Establish authority by showing you know who you’re talking to and what it takes to be successful in your niche.

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EMM template for August 14th, 2023 titled Gather Data

Gather Data

**AUG 14** Learn where your people are online. Use this email to gather information about where your people are hanging out online.

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EMM template for July 10th, 2023 titled Comic Relief

Comic Relief

**JUL 10** No matter your niche, your reader has enough stress in their life. Let’s give them some comic relief and share something funny today. Related or not related to your industry.

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EMM template for June 12th, 2023 titled I Tried This and Hated It

I Tried This and Hated It

**JUN 12** Let’s be a real person today. Share a time you tried something and didn’t like it in an effort to let your readers know it’s okay to make mistakes. You know, so they feel comfortable with your brand.

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EMM template for June 5th, 2023 titled Number One Priority

#1 Priority

**JUN 05** Get replies that will actually help guide what products you create and how you talk about your offers.

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EMM template for November 28th, 2022

November 28th, 2022

A holiday-specific email that segues into sharing some easily digested content. Its aim is to get replies and open up conversations. It’s bound to be a real pattern interrupt email from sales emails sent this time of year.

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EMM template for October 10th, 2022

October 10th, 2022

This email will get your readers thinking about Black Friday. It will also get your replies/click rate up…and get them involved in your sale.

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EMM template for September 26th, 2022

September 26th 2022

Share a little gratitude with this email…just a few things you’re grateful for having in your life since you started your business/became involved in the work you do today. Invite your subscribers to share something they’re grateful for in return.

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