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EMM template for November 13th, 2023 titled Share Some Music

Share Some Music

**NOV 13** Everybody likes music. Use this email to show a bit of personality without telling some long drawn out story nobody cares about.

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EMM template for July 10th, 2023 titled Comic Relief

Comic Relief

**JUL 10** No matter your niche, your reader has enough stress in their life. Let’s give them some comic relief and share something funny today. Related or not related to your industry.

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EMM template for June 5th, 2023 titled Number One Priority

#1 Priority

**JUN 05** Get replies that will actually help guide what products you create and how you talk about your offers.

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EMM template for May 8th, 2023 titled Video Check-in

May 8th, 2023

Send a quick video that illustrates how you do something. This will create intrigue, show you’re invested in the process, and help deepen the “know” in that Know Like Trust factor.

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EMM template for April 24th, 2023 titled Happy Song Content

April 24th, 2023

Let’s get your click rate up in a creative way while also providing some value for people. Share a song that makes you happy w/ a few extra links thrown in.

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