Really don’t want to write your own emails?

That’s cool. I’ll do it.
(It’s gotta be on a Wednesday though, okay?)

Book a Do It For Me Day

Perfect if you want your emails done right. But also need them like yesterday.

Okay, so I can’t promise yesterday but every Wednesday, I block off my entire day for 1 lucky-but-serious-af-about-growth entrepreneur….and write their emails for them.

Here’s what might happen when you book a Do It For Me Day with yours truly.


It’s like you KNOW me! I mean know me-know me.
I am SOOOOO pleased—expectations exceeded. But really, I kinda knew it when I met you. Thanks so much!”

Shaunda Necole

OMG! I did not expect you to write me an entire email sequence. I’m so excited! Good grief, you are fast. I can’t wait to show it off and tell everyone about this fabulous copywriter who can totally rescue you from lame emails.

Raina Willick

Ready to jumpstart your email marketing without writing a single word?

Sweet. Here’s how it’s going down:

  1. Book here.
  2. I send out a survey to learn about your needs and top priorities for the Day.
  3. We’ll have a call the morning of to make sure we’re on the same page and you get any questions you’ve got answered. Expect it to be 30-60 minutes.
  4. You get to work on things you actually like in your business and I write my fingers off for 6 hours straight, creating email and sales magic built to grow your biz for years to come. I’ll check in with you at lunch and send over everything in a Google Doc w/ a wrap-up video by quittin’ time.

#humblebrag part of the sales page

You probably already know that I’m still in love with *NSYNC but did you also know…

Now you know, babe.

Email has always been my #1 marketing strategy for any business I’ve owned or been a part of. It’s helped me make hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales and I know you can have the same results.

Especially if I write the damn emails for you myself.

So let’s do this thang.

Need some copy help that doesn’t quite fit the “Do It For You Day” model I’m pushing here?

Well you’re in luck because you just found my BOOK A CALL button. I don’t take on many copywriting projects so let’s book a call now and see if we’re a fit.

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