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EMM template for February 19th, 2024 titled All the Links

All the Links

Newsletters should share the news. Use this email to share the latest industry stuff so people have something to dig into and you get some promo/idea shiz off your plate.

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The Deal w/ Email Authentication (spf, dkim, dmarc)

This email authentication stuff is real and we’ve really gotta get it done if we want to use email as a marketing tool in 2024 and beyond. I’m talking SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. But don’t panic, darling. This is just some techy stuff that’s we’re gonna put in place to verify that we are legit

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EMM template for January 29th, 2024 Don't Forget!

Don’t Forget!

**JAN 29** Share a quick tip. Use this email to stay top of mind and show that you’re investing in them by giving them something of value.

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EMM template for January 22nd, 2024 titled Really Awesome Links

Really Awesome Links

**JAN 22** Get your click rate up. Use this email to provide REALLY good stuff they want to click on so they will gladly click any time you send outbound links.

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EMM template for January 1st, 2024 titled Not Giving Up

Not Giving Up

**JAN 01** Do something a little different. Use this email to be relatable, stand out among the New Year’s emails, have a little fun w/ your peeps.

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