The Ultimate Toolbox of Email Marketing Courses and Workshops

Who in the world is Liz Wilcox?

A blogger turned email marketing thought leader, Liz Wilcox has taken on the male dominated industry with her 90’s style and her 2-step teaching style. 

She recently cracked a big ol’ gaping hole in the hustle forward entrepreneurial world. By stepping away from her business for the entire summer, she proved that you can truly create a life that fits your business.

If you’ve seen any of her Reels on Insta (@thelizwilcox), you’ll agree that’s she’s absolutely positively unforgettable in the best way possible. 

I’ve honestly lost count how many podcasts and stages that she’s been invited to speak on about her email marketing genius, but here’s a few podcast episodes we think you’ll love:

You can read more on her about page.

Liz Wilcox’s Email Marketing Courses for Beginners

We’re going to do our best here to organize all the things that Liz Wilcox offers because there’s something for everything when it comes to email marketing.

If you’re just starting to get your feet wet with email marketing you’re probably looking for a straight-forward process. These workshops take you through each of the steps to a powerful and profitable email list through bite-sized courses and workshops.

The Email Staircase Training

This is the ideal starter workshop if you’re new to email marketing. Think of this workshop as Email Theory 101. Transition strangers to followers through the email staircase.

Now, this is not your average build a list of freebie-hounds. We’re looking at growing a quality subscriber base that embraces your vision, personality, and values. Ya know, so you can be yourself in your marketing and the people on your email list will more than accept that about you!

It’s hands down the best training to start learning about email marketing, and it’s only $12!

List Building: 12+ Ideas That Aren’t Ads

Once you’ve got the journey down from the Email Staircase training, you’ll want some list building ideas.

While the title of this presentation showcases, there are lots of way to do it. This workshop specifically walks through

  • how to create a lead magnet and what format to choose
  • figuring out the best way to grow your list for YOUR business and YOUR strengths
  • the #1 thing you have to accept about list building and why it’s a good thing

So why not spend 90 minutes (and $12) to learn how to build a solid list of buyers? Especially from someone whose email list is more than 50% customers?Learn how to build your list in this $12 list building training.

Building Community with Email

When we think of community, we don’t often think of email marketing. But guess what? If we build our community on a platform we don’t own (read: social media; think: what a billionaire did to a social media platform in 2022)…then we risk our community’s future.

Growing a community through email can have a powerful long-term impact on your business. It’s a way to have more intimate and real conversations, which lead to a faster growing community of like minded individuals.

Remember, our email list is one thing we do have control over. 

Solidify your community and email list with this $12 community building training.

Email Marketing Courses and Templates with a Goal in Mind

Once you’ve developed your list you probably have specific targets in mind like growing your sales, events, etc. These next level email marketing trainings focuses on different goals.

Open Sesame for Improving Email Engagement

If you’ve noticed a slump in your email game, then let’s get your email list healthy again. This email marketing course focuses on increasing your engagement–getting people to open your emails, click, reply, and buy.

The Open Sesame Workshop includes:

  • 2 hour workshop breaking down how to get people to care enough to open and engage in your emails
  • My easy-peasy 4-part welcome sequence swipe
  • The cold scrub swipe emails to get your list healthy again after inactivity
  • Cold scrub ConvertKit training Video

BONUS: Video training on how to get replies

Just Pre-sell It to Introduce a New Product

Ever found yourself investing all this energy making a product or developing a service that you don’t have anything left in the gas tank to actually market and sell it?

Sometimes we realize after the fact that it wasn’t even what our audience wanted. Get Liz’s exact outline she uses to pre-sell an idea before she creates it. That way you know if it’s a good or bad idea before you put in all the creative energy it costs to get it out in the world.

This course is useful for entrepreneurs who want to market test their ideas. Or folks who spend way too much time creating and never enough time selling the darn thing.

Just Pre-Sell It includes:

  • Email Outline/Map of What to Send
  • 5 Fill-in-the-Blank Sales Email Templates
  • Cost: $49

20-Minute Newsletters to Get Your Time Back

One of the biggest pain points in email marketing seems to be crafting weekly newsletters. They truly shouldn’t take hours to put together.

Liz always says…

If you don’t have time to write it, chances are your subscriber doesn’t have time to read it.

Take back your time and learn how to write email newsletters in 20 minutes or less with this quick-to-implement product. 

Finally! A way to get your newsletter out of the way so you can focus on other things in your business or better yet… Get a little more family time. 

20-Minute Newsletters includes:

  • Outline
  • Video Training
  • Liz’s Email Marketing Rules
  • Voice guide
  • Cost: $22

Summit Email Success for a Profitable Event

Plan on hosting a summit? Emails are a powerful way to get people to not only show up to the event, but to upgrade to a paid ticket.

You’re 60-minutes away from a profitable event, where people actually make purchases well beyond the summit.

Know what emails to send( along with the templates so you don’t have to start from scratch.)

Summit Email Success includes:

  • 60-Minute video training
  • 20 Fill-in-the-blank templates for before, during, and after your event
  • Cost: $149

Black Friday Training + Email Templates

 Many small businesses and non-profits depend on that 4th quarter run of sales to support the slower sales months. Liz says that for her business, Black Friday and Q4 nearly double her revenue for the whole year!

Learn how to craft your offer and get your subscribers excited about it in the five weeks leading up to Black Friday. 

Get your list excited about what’s coming for your Black Friday sale this year–and involved in the sale before it even opens!

Black Friday Email Marketing includes:

  • Video training
  • 7 Fill-in-the-blank templates 
  • Cost: $100

Liz Wilcox’s Email Marketing Membership

Honestly, I should’ve put this first, because the Email Marketing Membership [EMM] is a powerhouse of information.

You get weekly newsletter email templates so you never have to think about writing from scratch ever again. In fact, she even comes up with the strategy behind each newsletter and how they can be adjusted for your individual business objectives. 

Liz packs her templates and swipe copy to make it crazily simple for all us from bloggers, product-based businesses, service providers, and nonprofit organizations. It’s like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Her templates are customizable and fit everyone, kind of like those jeans. 

It sounds unbelievable, but for $9/month…it’s worth seeing if it’s true.

Now, I’m sure you’ve seen your fair share of memberships, but I’d be hard pressed to see another packed with this much goodness for such a low price?  And if you see that annual membership sale, well all I have to say is it unlocks all the trainings you just read through for no markup? Well dang. Now you just know she’s generous as heck. So…

All of Liz’s Email Marketing Courses in a Nutshell

Yes, there’s a lot of information here. Knowing where you’re at in your business will help determine which one best fits your current needs. 

But, dang, that Email Marketing Membership alone is still fire so I’ll leave it up to you.

If you already took one of these courses and want to leave a shout about a win you received from implementing? Make sure to leave a comment below.

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